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Today on At Home with I introduce the lovely Ulrika of Mackapar blog... Based in Southern Sweden Ulrika blogs about all things Scandinavian... Welcome Ulrika!

>> Hello, my name is... Ulrika
>> I live in...  Ängelholm, south Sweden.
>> I am a.... Mum of two boys, run a lamp project together with husband (, blogger and mechanical engineer as profession.
>> My home is a... Newly built, two storey functional, linked white house with a yellow door.
>> My favourite part of my home is... That it’s very practical, there are no unusable spaces, I feel that the architect has put a lot of thought into it while drawing it, I like that.
>> My favourite room is... Probably the kitchen, because I love to bake and cook and sit down with the family with a good meal. Also to have friends over and cook together.
>> My most recent purchase for my home was... A real bed for big brother, so our newborn can inherit the crib bed.
>> My favourite place to shop for home wares is... No special place in particular. I often know what I want and then I find the place that has got it. I put a lot of time into finding the right details. I shop on the internet and also vintage furniture a lot. And I try as far possible to buy classics or quality stuff that can stay with us for a long time.
>> For me the most important thing about a home is... That it has got personality. It has to say something about the people who live there. And not be to serious or strict, I think it should be a bit playful. And it’s OK if the kids toys are on the floor or if the bed is unmade, everything doesn’t have to be “perfect”. I think a welcoming entrance is also important, it’s the first impression.
>> A house is only a home when.... The family is gathered. I love when everybody is there, just hanging out together. Maybe cuddling up in the sofa!

Doesn't that sound like a lovely home? Here is a sneaky peek into it...

Thanks so much Ulrika!


geraldine :

lovely house. Especially liking the monochrome palette coupled with vintage pieces

17doors :

Snyggt, snyggt! Älskar lampan förstås, helst i den färgen.

Malin (BYW) :

So lovely & very Swedish :) Really enjoy all your blog posts.

Milo and Mitzy :

Ahhhhh, Have just spent ages reading over your blog. Love it! A regular reader from now on. Happy weekend. Amy x

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